This week I welcomed back Jennifer Coates and Elisabeth Condon to the podcast to discuss the recent exhibition "Bonnard: The Experience of Seeing" at Acquavella Gallery, NYC April 12 - May 26, 2023. We each chose a single painting from the show to discuss and so I'm calling us The Bonnardians. It's a Bonnard-a-trois! Come along for a hilarious, smart and nerdy look at this fascinating post-impressionist artist.

Elisabeth is back on the pod to describe a painting, and it's a fascinating one: "Untitled" 1968-69 from the Edge Painting series by Sam Francis. Come along as Elisabeth takes us not only through the painting itself, but also through Sam Francis' life and influences: namely that of his beloved Japan. The concept of "ma" or the potential of emptiness, Asian ink painting, and Francis' unique anti-New York gentle lyricism all factor in to make this talk a riveting deep dive into this Californian-born, second-generation Abstract Expressionist artist.


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Our beloved guest host and artist, Elisabeth Condon, and her series "Elisabeth Condon Describes a Painting" are back for a new installment! This time Elisabeth chose to describe Joseph Stella's oil on canvas painting "Tree of My Life" from 1919 that she saw at The Norton Museum in "Joseph Stella: Visionary Nature."


Break a bottle of bubbly beverage over the hull, because today, Pep Talks is launching the very first installment of..."Elisabeth Condon Describes a Painting!" In this episode, Elisabeth chose to describe Jules Olitski's "Wanderings, Bilbao: Orange Yellow and Blue" acrylic on canvas painting from 2004. She recently saw the painting at The Sam and Adele Golden Gallery in New Berlin, NY, in "Jules Olitski: Late Works." October 30, 2022


Today we have the pleasure of interviewing the very talented and very inspirational Elisabeth Condon! Two of her painting will be featured in the Upcoming Sensing Woman Art Gallery. 

Helpful Links:

1:09:47. On Sept 30, a Zoom webinar brought Elisabeth Condon together with Katia Santibañez to discuss Santibañez's solo exhibition 'Lumens Anima' on view at DC Moore Gallery from September 9 - October 9, 2021.

4:21.Emerson Dorsch continues its Artist Profiles Project with Elisabeth Condon. Thanks to Carol Saft, Topher Mohr, Alexelena, and Francesco Casale.

42:35. Instagram Live Series with Alum Elisabeth Condon. Thursday, July 30, 5pm EST.

29:51. Art & History Museums Maitland's Dan Hess discusses three new paintings with Elisabeth Condon on Zoom.

29:52. Interviewed and filmed by Sarah Michelle Rupert and Michelle Weinberg with editing by Cara Despain and Kenny riches. Screened at Miami Dade Kendall College, Miami, FL, Art Loft WPBT2 South Florida PBS, Project for Empty Space, Newark, NJ, Assembly Room, NYC, and Norton Museum of Art, West Palm Beach, FL.

1:22. July 14, 2017. Watch this video of Elisabeth Condon working in the Winter Workspace, who speaks about her drawing practice.

10:02. May 1, 2017. Elisabeth Condon, a Los Angeles native born in 1959, painted Field Notes on residency at Fountainhead in Miami's Morningside Heights neighborhood in a composition inspired by the Yuan Dynasty masterpiece Dwelling in the Fu'Ch'Un Mountains by Huang Gongwang.

6:42. Filmmaker Carol Saft documents artist Elisabeth Condon in her New York and Florida studios on August 30, 2016.

3:42. Lisa Waagd interviews Elisabeth Condon at the Swatch Art Peace Hotel, Shanghai, on August 20, 2014.

4:35. Filmmaker Dominique Othenin-Girard documents Elisabeth Condon in her studio at the Swatch Art Peace Hotel in July, 2014.

11:11. Filmed by Scott Draft and recorded and produced by George Fishman for QR Art Guide in December, 2012. In her new painting and drawing exhibition, Elisabeth Condon introduces the 1980s Los Angeles nightclub scene as a metaphor for personal and social transformation and a repository for shared memories, associations and cultural experiences.

1:26. Recorded and produced by George Fishman for QR Art Guide. Elisabeth Condon discusses her nylon brush pen drawings in the exhibition Seven Seas at the Hollywood Art & Culture Center, Hollywood, FL, in December 2012.

3:22. On July 9, 2008, Elisabeth Condon discusses her pouring process and paintings at Lesley Heller Gallery on Manhattan's Upper East Side.