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From fashion, 11.25.14, 18:10

Swatch Art Peace Hotel's Faces & Traces exhibition

Rough translation of article mention:

...From May 6, 2014 to November 1, the American painter Elisabeth Condon spent six months in China at the Swatch Art Peace Hotel. In this six-month period, Condon approached the IWC Shanghai building history to experience time travel; the Oriental Pearl Tower to feel the magic of modern and prosperous Shanghai and ordinary Lanes to explore various old Shanghai styles. Referring to her feelings about the trip, she exclaimed, "Looking out the window every night on the Bund side of the shuttle boats, the shore lights dim, form the birth of my paintings as the most natural expression of Shanghai. When you overlook the Pudong even from the plane, you feel incredible, because Shanghai is so diverse and complex. I cannot simply interpret China's journey because it made me feel for the first time the thickness and depth of history and the world. After spending time in China I think the perspective and thinking about the world has gone through enormous changes."

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olanda Sáncheánchez

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